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Health & Wellness

At COAST we strive to provide classes in all areas of Health & Wellness for the well being of our clients. Workout classes are provided Monday - Friday by our Wellness Coordinator - Kristy Livaudais. Nutritional classes are provided by our Dietician - Judy Roberts at each center quarterly.


Kristy Livaudais

Kristy started working in the fitness industry 23 years ago. She absolutely fell in love with helping people move towards their ultimate wellness goals in all areas of life. Kristy has a deep desire to educate and bring awareness of the importance of staying strong and mobile. Certifications through NASM and a certified instructor of SAIL (Staying Active and Independent for Life). Having both certifications gives her an advantage to assure our clients here at COAST stay safe. Bringing a corrective approach to training and working on cardiovascular health, balance, posture, strength and flexibility. All fitness levels are welcomed in our SAIL Exercise Classes. It is a friendly and open-minded environment.


We are currently meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am for our SAIL class via private Zoom calls. If you are interested in joining us for our SAIL class please email We will help you with the free registration and Zoom sign up.

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Judy Roberts

Judith Roberts is the Registered Dietitian for COAST. She believes that Nutrition is the Key to a Long Life.  Her passion for nutrition comes from her father having had a heart attack when she was 20 years old and realizing that nutrition was so important to the prevention of certain disease states. Nutrition can also be the center of the plate for family mealtimes, as both nutrition and family are critical.  She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS in Nutrition, Foodservice and Dietetics. She works and has worked in Acute & Chronic Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Behavioral Health, State of LA & MS for WIC, Colleges doing Sport Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Grocery Tours, Label Reading, and Shopping, Manufacturing & Sales, Trade Shows, Menu Writing, Pediatrics, Clinic Research, as well as working for myself in private practice. Her husband, Steve and Judy have 2 children, their son, Richard, who is 29 in restaurant management at a Resort in Big Sky, Montana, and their daughter, Melody who is 23 in Medical School in New Orleans. Their hobbies are primarily family time together and swimming.  The only project that she is currently working on is growing the Waldheim Community Church, which leads her to say that God put nutrition in her life to be a lifelong ministry. 

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Alexa Poole

Alexa Poole, an Ohio born, but (adopted) Louisiana native, has a loving husband, two kids and a pup. Alexa took her experience and knowledge (personal and professional)

with health and wellness to start her own business helping individuals transform their health and optimize their well-being. She has spent close to 20 years learning and applying life tools to healthily work through health and lifestyle habits.

Alexa has a life-long love for helping individuals age well, while adding life to their years rather than just years to their life. With her degree in Nutrition Education and further training and certifications in Health Coaching through Institute of Integrative Nutrition and NASM, Alexa counsels clients at COAST on improving their lives and their diets. By creating a completely personalized "roadmap to health" that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals, clients can bring balance to their life in order to reduce stress, overwhelm, feel more energized, and boost longevity. If you have questions or are looking for guidance, you can reach Alexa by email at

The path forward to a more fulfilling life is yours when you commit to reframing how you value your time and then intentionally reprioritize time for your growth and happiness.

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Amy Mangum

Amy Mangum is an Occupational Therapist where she graduated from LSUHSC, in downtown New Orleans for OT school. Following graduation from graduate school she completed a year of service with Americorps working for Habitat for Humanity in new home construction. She has been practicing as an OT since 2020 where she started her career in community mental health and is very passionate about OTs' role in mental health.


As COAST Occupational Therapist, she is providing educational groups that relate to physical, mental, and spiritual health. She is proud to be a part of a holistic profession and believe working with folks in the community is a powerful way to provide education and OT services. 

“The groundwork for all happiness is good health.”

– Leigh Hunt

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